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About Us

Mlocal Startup Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a part of Vitco Software Solution Pvt. Ltd., based in Mumbai.
The Company has a vision for making small local area into small Digital Business hub using VR AI tools processing and smart digital tools.
The Founder Mr. Himanshu, holding over 30 years of experience in IT industry.


ISO 9001

ISO 27001

VR Revolution

Through Local Govt. Initiative

Digital भारत  will be the initiative connecting all the dots and MLocal will be the technology backing the entire program!
The project will help to build Digital Infrastructure and creates digital asset for government authority creating VR and multidimensional view of different local area streets and establishments.
As IT startup solution provider have been working with through research in diffrent latest technology in VR and have launched solution which will benefit to government organization and local administrative authority.

Our Goal

Unlocking the Local Business Potential and Empowering India from its roots

Digital  भारत

Digital भारत is not just social work, but a grand vision to build a digitally economy, on the backbone of our local businesses that are still deprived of the digital revolution.
Digitalizing information has become an important factor across all the industries and makes it quite easier to preserve, share, as well as access the information. Advantages of content Digitization - Increased productivity, Cost efficiency, easily accessible, enhanced security.

Contact Details

Mobile No :- + 91 9920855035
Email:- info@mlocals.com